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CABINS entry by Feng Z


3dsmax, Lumion, Quixel Suite, Photoshop
This plan, I choose the location in Wudang Mountains of China, the surrounding environment as far as possible back to nature.

I like LUMION software very much, so I choose LUMION to showcase my cabin.

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Render by Feng Z

“I like Lumion software very much, so I choose Lumion to showcase my cabin.”

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  1. I really like the composition even though I think that for the final image the texture of the cabin could be worked a little, as well as adding a little more snow so that it can be integrated into the environment a bit more. For the the trees I would try to make them less leafy to give more the feeling of winter and less spring. Nice work!

  2. Thank you for your suggestion. I think what you said is very fine for the environment and materials. Thank you very much for what you said.

  3. I will continue to bring better work to you.

  4. Talking about my idea of using Quixel assets in LUMION

    Lumion’s material system does not support a lot of functions, but I found that some of the Megascans 3D Assembly assets can be applied to Lumion, so most of the plants, stones and other assets are used in 3D Assembly classification material, which can be put together by different angle models to make up a very rich natural scene, but the 3D Assembly asset price ratio is more expensive, so 150 points can only be downloaded to a small number of models, but anyway, thank the sponsors for their support for the match, Let me benefit a lot

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